Salford Sans

SALFORD SANS has eight weights, covers four scripts – extended Latin, monotonic Greek, Arabic & Cyrillic - and is made for the kind of headlines, editorial and display work which need to be serious, international and communicative but retain a touch of stylish hand-made personality.

Packed with symbols, tidy features, special Arabic characters, proper Arabic numbers and a range of local styles Salford Sans is based on the traditional British style condensed sans serif. It's a robust, functional and elegant condensed sans – an update on a classic idea that works well the world over!

Salford Sans is a collaboration between Lewis McGuffie (Latin, Greek, Cyrillic), Dave Williams of Manchester Type (Latin, Arabic) and Elsa Baussier (symbols & useful things).

Mansa serif and Firnas Sans

Mansa and firnas sans compliment each other as two distinct styles. Mansa is a medium contrast serif typeface in the scotch roman genre. It features a text weight, an italic and a high-contrast display style. Firnas sans lends itself to comfortable reading whilst giving the page a lively vigour. Each typeface supports Latin scripts, covering western and central European languages. Both typefaces also have an Arabic component designed to provide the same combination options found in the Latin scripts.

Mansa Arabic is a naskh typeface that shares the contrast model of its Latin counterpart. This typeface features a unique Arabic diwani style to partner the scotch roman italic. Firnas sans Arabic is a low contrast naskh harmonised with its Latin partner. Both Latin and Arabic variants range in weights from regular to black.

Included with Firnas sans is an Arabic Ruq'ah style. This distinctive model has a calligraphically authentic cascading structure and can perform the work of an italic or feature as a display style. Expansive sets of ligatures improve the efficiency of all four Arabic styles.

Font development: Google Fonts

Manchester Type has supported Google in their development of multi-script, non-Latin variable fonts including Noto Serif Oriya, Noto Kufi Arabic, Noto Naskh Arabic, Noto Sans Sora Sompeng, Noto Sans Tai Tham and Noto Sans Balinese, for the Google Fonts library. Additionally, engineering work was carried out in Hebrew, Devanagari, Tibetan, Malayalam, Myanmar, Gujarati and Kannada scripts.

Typographic consultancy & editorial design:

Manchester Type works to advise publishers and create typography led design in print and digital media.